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Tips that Will Expand Your Business’ Marketing Strategy

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At J.M. Field Marketing, our creative team can help guide your marketing strategy in the right direction. The campaign we design for you will specifically meet your company’s needs and goals. We’re experienced at creating campaigns that grab the customer’s attention and motivate them to call. When you work with us, we will identify and capitalize on your strengths, as well as make opportunities available to you. Your marketing strategy will also take into account factors such as your weaknesses, external threats, your marketing mix strategy, promotional goals, pricing strategy and distribution decisions, media strategy, sales and expense budgets and target market analysis.

Reaching Your Target Audience

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When it comes to marketing, we understand that knowing who your customers are can mean the difference between a strong and weak marketing campaign. To ensure that you’re spending your time and money wisely, you need to research your target audience. You need to find out demographics, geography, income, net worth, shopping patterns, life stage, etc. By knowing this you can steer your marketing campaign in the right direction and to the right audience.
  • Create an image of your company or product. Your company or product image should convey quality and reliability. If you have not clearly communicated the advantages of doing business with you, you need to do so now. You need to market your products in such a way that you will gain your customer’s confidence. You need to show customers that your products are the answer to their problems.
  • Your marketing strategy should have honest intentions. You can say that your product is the best, but you can’t say that you won an award for best product in your field if you haven’t. If you truly believe in your products, services, your company and yourself, then your prospects will pick up on that positive attitude and feel confident and optimistic about doing business with you and your company. Your words are very important to your customers, but your nonverbal communication can sometimes make an even bigger impact.
  • Always provide excellent customer service to your clients and prospects. By doing this you’re encouraging repeat customers through good word of mouth about your amazing service and products. Remember, purchasing is an emotional decision. And don’t forget to impose a deadline on any offer or deal. To overcome the natural tendency to deliberate, postpone and delay, it’s often necessary to inject a sense of urgency into your ads and sales.

Embrace the Present and Future with Your Marketing Strategy

  • Embrace an online marketing strategy, because it’s powerful, effective and here to stay. If you already have a website, make sure it’s optimized for keywords that your prospects are actually looking for. Another vital aspect of raising your visibility and your sales potential is to get other sites to link to your site. By applying these marketing tips to your promo items business plan, you are guaranteed to see nothing but positive results for your business, making it easy to maximize your clientele.
  • Draw attention to yourself with social marketing. Social marketing relies on the old-fashioned principle of word of mouth, adapted to the Internet through social network usages. Social marketing increases your brand’s visibility and sales once people see that others like you. Additionally, social outlets like blogs, wikis and video/photo sharing are great sources to market yourself and gain new customers.
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